About 307

307 is not just a simple number... no, no, it's much more then that.

The Great state of Wyoming has been blessed with the number 307 as its sole area code since January 1st 1947. Like the other 12 states that have one area code, the number is often synonymous with the people and places inside their borders.

Wyoming, however, is unique, in that the vast landscapes and inhabitants of state feel connected by a common FREEDOM. Wyoming's varying sports, landmarks, and occupations are all uniquely representative of Wyoming in their own way. The Number 307 connects all Wyomingites, be they cowboys, musicians, outlaws, outdoors man, buffaloes, businessman, or just visitors. The beauty and individuality that we hold dear is the essence of Wyoming, and the core of 307.


The Men behind 307 Clothing: Three Brothers Who have a serious love of their State, and a need to share that love with their fellow Wyomingites. That is why there is a 307 line of quality apparel. We are proud of where we came from. 4th Generation born and raised!


The Caesar Logo: CCCVII    Roman Numerals for 307   

In Roman Numeral characters, C signifies 100, VII or 5 + 2 signifies 7. There is no symbol for zero. So C+C+C+VII = 307